Some ideas about driving dynamics
Recently some Ideas which I want to share with you crossed my mind.
Most of that is inspired by crash team racing, an awesome racing game for the playstation one.

Here are some Quotes from the last email from Slinger which show up the Ideas.

> If you are drifting, the exhaust smoke turns black for a moment after a
> short time. If you press a button then, you get a litte speed boost.
> that can be done three times while a drift and the third boost will be a
> powerful one.
> You can see this here
> Also, you get a little boost if you land a high jump.
Reminds me of mario kart. It would definitely be possible to add,
assuming it remove the classic "rollcage" feeling.

> Another is a preload while holding down the corresponding button which
> makes jumps higher when released at the right time and could also be
> used to absorb energy if high g-forces are coming up (for example if you
> drive on a wall in a curve) and get a boost if you release the button
> well-timed after that. Those Functions could also be unlocked on the
> cars and make alternative routes accessible.
Sounds really interesting. There has been discussions about adding
thrusters to the cars to give them extra downforce and stability, as
well as maybe make them able to jump. The jump feature would be more of
a weapon/tool you pick up on the track (like missiles and shields).

But your idea also adds a new feature to it all: the ability to charge
it up and use the collected energy. It's really intersting. I've been
thinking about adding a kind of "gravity gun" inspired weapon (have
you've ever played halflife 2?): hold down the firing button to pull
objects from around the track (including tearing of pieces of from
surrounding buildings) and hold them all hovering above your car, then
release the button and it'll all be thrown in a direction (like forwards
or backwards). The catch would be that it has limited amount of energy,
so you need to time everything. Perhaps your idea of capturing energy
could also be used to fuel the gravity gun?
I should have responded much sooner.

So, lets get some brainstorming going!

To continue on the idea of powering weapons using an energy buffer: I think this could be used to boost the ordinary weapons/tools. Either as a new addition to the classic rollcage driving experience, or as a special kind of game mode. Just like Stage2 had Classic and Extreme racing modes, what about a Charged mode? In this mode each car got a capacitor which can be charged in different ways: collecting the excessive downforce caused by tactical driving (like taking curves by driving on walls), drifting(?), running over turbo pads without accelerating (or perhaps turn normal turbo pads into charging pads?).

Once the capacitor has been charged above some threshold, it can (or must?) be used in combination with the next weapon fired (or tool getting used). Some obvious examples are boosted turbos, high-energy shields, missiles with unusual explosive force.

And then there's the gravity gun. This is an idea I've been trying to perfect for some time now: The gun got a energy buffer which can be used to pull things from the surrounding into a katamari-like cload of things hovering above the car (by holding down the launch button). This can then be thrown forwards or backwards against the other players (or some other target) by releasing the launch button. The energy buffer will be drained based on how heavy the mass of everything lifted is, and if the player fails to release the button before the buffer gets depleted it will all just drop right down (onto the player's car Wink ). On the other hand, the more energy that is left when releasing the button, the more kinetic energy will be put into the objects, meaning more powerful shots (so tactical decision: do I pull up an entire city just to throw it a few meters, or just a single building and try to take out that specific player far head?).

Since the gravity gun would be useless without energy, I think it will need its own energy buffer. So in the "Charged mode" the gravity gun would get two buffers to drain: its normal one and the charge capacitor. Meaning you could have enough energy to both pick up an entire city and still have the power to throw it kilometers ahead. Cool
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