Wipeout vehicles
Not so much a feature request or suggestion, but more of a planed feature. Something I've been thinking of adding for a long time (and will soon when I finally start working on basic lua scripting).

Probably not much to say, but I'm not planing on making a clone of the original dumb ships. Some obvious things on how they will work:

* antigravity: soft forces from a sphere or similar colliding against the track (a special geom space in the track), will allow for loops and similar
* collisions: no antigravity saving the ship from the walls (another geom space), but the collision friction wont halt the car like the old games (will be much lower friction, but the ship might lose control instead)
* propulsion: primitive jet, what else? Wink

* air breaks: not used for what you think.... will be 4 of them: one flap above and one below each wing. Nice eyecandy to have them moving during tha race, but will also serve many purposes:
* breaking: push both air break "lock" buttons to extend all 4 flaps to break (like old games)
* nose up/down: keys like old games (push forward/reverse keys) to extend the flaps on top/bottom
* airbreak right/left turning: keys like the old games, but will extend both flaps on one one of the wings (to rotate the ship without leaning)
* normal turning: keys like old games, but the simulation will be much more tricky: see airbreak turning above, but with the addition of one thruster under each wing, tilting the ship to increase the surface area causing increased drag against sideway movement.

Obviously will be hard to control even at low speed (I suspect easier at hight speed, but then risks of crashes being devastating increases).

also the ships will take damage more similar to carmageddon/destruction derby - with pieces falling of and getting harder to control in different ways (imagine losing one of the air flaps, or the antigravity fiel losing power and the ship starting to scratch against the ground!Thumbs Up)
Try systemd. They said.
It'll be just as reliable as init. They said.
It'll be completely bug-free. They said.
Our monolithic windows-approach is far superior to the Unix-approach. They said.
Okay, so the codebase has grown gigantic and no one but our paid group of full-time developers who created it can maintain it and fix bugs... but it'll be fine. They said.
Okay, we'll shove it down your throat whether you like it or not. They said.

I guess it's finally time to look into GuixSD and/or devuan.

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