I wish I could fly (but I can't)
Inspired by tumbling off the Racing Line bend a few to many times. (Always)

It could be with fans or anti-gravity force-fields or even flip-out wings, but I think it would be nice for some levels to have the option for the car to briefly control its flight if it's already in the air - albeit at reduced velocity.

E.g. SOme uses:
  • Gliding back onto the track
  • Steering towards a powerup/shortcut in mid-air
  • Multiplayer game where you race around an arena, trying to line up for ramps so that you have a few seconds opportunity to drop bombs on your opponents

Are there any other racing games where your car can fly? Is it a ridiculous idea?
um... Nitro Stunt Racing (a small simulation-based futuristic racer) allows you to have limited 'air control' of the vehicles to cross gaps and jumps.

I was thinking of allowing generic car rotational turning/tilting in mid-air in some game-modes anyway (i.e. you can't directly control the direction it's going, but can change the direction it faces).

I intend to abuse the game engine for a stunts mode where the cars can be easily manually flipped/rotated when airborne.

However I know it DOES lie in the game code that it's possible to simulate aircraft so potentially this could be something that's usable, even if it's just through a power-up or something small. Or you could make your own game out of it eventually, I guess. Tongue

For RCX I don't plan to use it, though. (RCX = Rollcage 3 = going to emulate the old games).


Actually I'd recommend you at the least try the demo of NSR because it's a pretty good game. Sound effects could use some work (crashes sound meh) and there's no physical damage model but the physics engine itself is awesome. I'm not sure how well it will run in Wine, though.
[Image: 54f5c31d9f2ce.gif]
Finally got the NSR demo running under Wine. Looks fun, but runs like a lame dog on my laptop. You're right - abusing the mod engine would be a great place to experiment with this sort of idea.
I see no technical reason to why this couldn't be done.

I'd suggest making this part of the vehicle (so the remote control just send the usual throttle/steer signals and the car decides what to do with them). Then the track in its turn could tell the cars that this is a track which allows in-air control (those of you who can, you're now allowed to fly!).

Btw: I'm planing to add wipeout vehicles anyway, and they are of course going to have far more advanced air control (since they aren't even handling based on ground contact anyway). Oh, I should write something about that.... Smile
Try systemd. They said.
It'll be just as reliable as init. They said.
It'll be completely bug-free. They said.
Our monolithic windows-approach is far superior to the Unix-approach. They said.
Okay, so the codebase has grown gigantic and no one but our paid group of full-time developers who created it can maintain it and fix bugs... but it'll be fine. They said.
Okay, we'll shove it down your throat whether you like it or not. They said.

I guess it's finally time to look into GuixSD and/or devuan.

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