My super secret project..
Hey guys, whoever read this :p

I've been willing to do some project of my own for quite some time now.. But I had yet to find a general direction.

Now the wait is over, and I'm finally starting a brand new project (the very first one for a very long time !).

Do you remember or know Ignition ? It's one of the very first games I have ever played. Along with Rollcage Stage 2, I had loads of fun with that one (and a lot of crashes.. Damn their game wasn't stable at all).

In short, Ignition was a top-down racer, very dynamic and with good physics as well. You could bodyblock any car (that made the Bus superior because of his size), which led to some very funny accidents at times. The cars were indestructible, but you could still hit trains/hoverboards/whatever which would destroy your car and respawn it. The environments were very hazardous, and the physics were very well made in my opinion.

(if you are interested i have some links to a version of Ignition that works on modern computers, it's been patched)
Well, now imagine a crossover between Rollcage and Ignition. Basically, you would have Ignition's gameplay but with Rollcage-esque weapons and car ability to drive sideways.

My ambition is to contribute giving birth to such a game. Gameplay-wise :
  • The handling should be quite stable. Just like Ignition's - I don't really want to mimic Rollcage physics when it comes to that. Some basic turning/acceleration, I really want it to stay simple and fun
  • The power-ups should be crazy. If you're hit by a missile, it should send you flying possibly outside of the track. If you're out of bound, you just explode and respawn. I don't want the effects to be too strong - but it should kick you out sufficiently to lose control and crash somewhere.
  • I have a few crazy power-up ideas, but to be honest I would mimic Rollcage's ones for the biggest majority of them.
  • You could drive on the ceiling and sideways. Gameplay-wise, the tunnel would just be semi-transparent when you're inside so that you can see where you're driving.
The main reason behind that is that I feel that a game like Rollcage would be very fun to play in top-down view. I really want a game where the fun is maximal, and where the community can create a ton of content.

In terms of features, I would like to have at least :
  • A strong focus on being able to create custom tracks. I'm definitely not a good track designer myself, I would just provide a very basic one with few tunnels and let people create their own. I don't want to have to spend my life on a track editor, so I would prefer if the track just consists of some blender file, annotated with race-specific elements.
  • I would like to challenge myself into designing an automatic AI. A system that would adapt on any track - you would launch some script once you have finished creating the track, and it would generate some data to use by the AI (optimal paths, checkpoints, etc..).
  • Some kind of multiplayer, but in priority I would say AI and track creation first.
  • Very long term goal: you got a server list a-la Trackmania where people can play all the tracks they want, and download them on the fly
As for the implementation :
  • Open source all the way ! And completely free. Just like BallisticNG
  • Cross-platform. Nothing for Mac because I don't own one, but I will develop it on Linux and test that it works well on Windows.
So far, I've only started looking at all the engines that exist to choose one.

I think I will go with Godot. Their Github is very active, and there seems to be an active community around it. Also, it's open-source safe, and apparently their API is nice to use.

Now, the difficulties..
  • I have no experience at all in game designs. I know a few basics, but I guess I will learn along the way
  • I have almost no knowledge when it comes to car physics. It's gonna be a lot of trial and error !
  • Time - obviously since I have a job in parallel I won't be spending all my days on it
  • 3D modelling. But I guess playing with cubic cars won't really be a problem for the beginning
So what do you think of it ? The general idea, do you like it ?

My most important design guideline is that I want to keep it very simple. If I see that I'm giving too much complexity to a program part, it's that i'm doing it wrong. I really want it to be easy to understand and debug.
Rollcage steam group to plan multiplayer games, check it out ->
Update: OK, Godot is far from what i expected !

I thought i would find some kind of C++ API to plug inside my own code

But instead, it looks like it's a full blown out editor, and the community is very active !

And all the project is stored in text files ! So it's git-safe

It's also possible to contribute even for a non-programmer. And it's possible to script the engine editor so that it's very easy to get say a track editor..

I played a little bit with the tutorial and it really looks awesome.

It's gonna be a lot more fun than what i expected !
Rollcage steam group to plan multiplayer games, check it out ->
I remember ignition! Or rather all the crashes. Good luck! it sounds like a fun project!
(*sigh* I wish I had enough spare time to work on rc again...)

edit: I can't believe I didn't think of this right away: I'll be, ahem... Waiting... for the game. You know. Godot. Eh? Ok, I'll just leave now.
Try systemd. They said.
It'll be just as reliable as init. They said.
It'll be completely bug-free. They said.
Our monolithic windows-approach is far superior to the Unix-approach. They said.
Okay, so the codebase has grown gigantic and no one but our paid group of full-time developers who created it can maintain it and fix bugs... but it'll be fine. They said.
Okay, we'll shove it down your throat whether you like it or not. They said.

I guess it's finally time to look into GuixSD and/or devuan.

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Ignition reminds me of micro machines which was always fun to play.
I think godot is a good choice, seems very reasonable.. I saw some people selling godot games on steam which seemed funny.
I think youve made good idea for a project anyway, very well thought out Smile

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