some basic road textures
I made some basic road textures a while back, I thought id put them here for if people wanted to use them.
Theyre released under the CC0 licence, feel free to use them for anything.

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Neat! Reminds me of the official atlas of textures used in the rollcage games. May I ask if you are planing for the textures to being used for something specific? Is this something best suited as a replacement for textures in the official old track editor, or is this something I could drop into blender easily?

My knowledge of texture mapping is a bit lacking, so I'm not completely sure how to make a only a specific part of the texture "wrap around" in blender (as compared to using a single image which will wrap around automatically with the right UV mapping). I suspect one needs to generate new "segments" of actual triangles for every "repeat" of the texture, something like this: But maybe I'm missing something? (it'd be nice to make a single big quad with few triangles and have a specific part of this image repeat multiple time over it).

Now all I need is a flat grass texture and I will have the textures I have needed for an old idea for a new test track... :-) If I ever get the time...
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I did try to make a rollcage style level with them in blender, though I couldnt find a nice texture mapping toolset/workflow, so I just dropped the textures here for now.

I made some roads but nothing great/big, nothing automated, was a mess really.

I later watched some tutorials for how to generate roads with textures, but not much came from it.

The problem I had was just trying to find a nice toolset/workflow to make/generate roads with textures.

Youre welcome to use them... I tried to make a level with them, but ye, not sure how to add texture tiles to road quads easy.

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