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I was able to add a new set of segments (The roads) to a rollcage 2 level recently, the level was a bit buggy but it worked.
First I made a level with the Ducati level editor, then I converted it to an RC2 level, using the road segments from the ducati level.
Then I tried to fix some texture errors.

I added some zip files below which contains some tools and docs.
I only recommend using these tools if you have experience messing about with files. :)

Making levels this way is pretty odd at the moment, it would probably be better to make better tools before trying to make a good level.
I cant promise the tools will work for all levels, I was pretty suprised when it worked and I only tested the tools on a few types of levels.

I added the mingw/windows version of the idxtool below, I found people found it odd to compile, I hope thats ok.
I hope others can make some discoveries, maybe some better tools could be made in the future.


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Whoa! You actually made a custom track for Rollcage :O That's insane. I'm new here and sort of new to Rollcage too, sorry for the mega noob question but how do I use the IDXTool exactly? I tried double clicking on it and drag-and-dropping the IMG file or the IDX file to it but it just opens and closes itself.

The IDXTool is run with commands, either using Command Prompt or .bat files.
idxtool x ROLLCAGE.IDX ROLLCAGE.IMG, can be to extract the files from the rollcage.img file.
idxtool c ROLLCAGE.IDX ROLLCAGE.IMG, can be used to compile the files to the rollcage.img file.

The files are a mix of images, textures, levels, models, miscellaneous stuff.
Hey Orgyia, I'm new at doing stuff like this. I've managed to extract both game IMG files using your idxtool but I don't have an old enough os to run the level editor. A colleague of mine managed to extract the game files from the btp and bsp I then extracted textures and sounds from it. Any help would be appreciated

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