pinp tool
This is an addon for blender, to import/export rc2 pinp files.
The importer can import most the data, the exporter doesnt do much.

To use:
1: Download, install, enable addon.
2: Save a blend file in the same directory as the pinp file(s).
3: Go to 3D View > Properties region (N) > PINP panel.
4: Type in the pinp file name, then press the Import PINP button.

June 10 2015

I added a new addon, io_pinp2, it can export and update the pinp textures correctly.
Textures should be 128 width, 160 height and 256 colors max before export/update.

Febuary 23 2016

I added a new addon, io_pinp4.
It can export car models from blender to rollcage 2.

There is some odd formats which have to be manual set via the code, so I added some documents to help in the zip file.
Your welcome to ask questions, if you get stuck trying to replace a car model in the game.

The addon cant replace the car models for rollcage 1.
For rollcage 1 the cars models are added to the level files.

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