[Level] Detrita
This is a small level for testing the game, its released under the ccbysa license.
Its not really finished, and it dont have any textures, but it seems ok to play.

Added the level obj and mtl files to Detrita.zip.
Added the level data files to Detrita_data_files.zip (I wasnt sure how to redistribute the data files).

To play the level:
1: Add a folder called 'Detrita' to the \RCX\data\worlds\Sandbox\tracks\ directory.
2: Unzip the contents of both zip files to the Detrita folder.
3: Open the \RCX\config\tmp_menu_selections file with a text editor.
4: Change 'track Box' to 'track Detrita', save the file.
5: Play the game.

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.zip   Detrita.zip (Size: 245.51 KB / Downloads: 107)
.zip   Detrita_data_files.zip (Size: 1.42 KB / Downloads: 116)
That's an awesome track design!  Can't seem to hit the first corner without my wheel falling off though :-)
Yea the wheels. :)
I dunno if theres a setting to stop the wheels falling off.

I setup the car a bit different from 0.8.2 TP, these settings may help a bit.

torque_limit 150000
motor_distribution true true
max_brake 100000

max_steer 45
steer_distribution 1
steer_decrease 0.005
min_decreased_steer 0
steer_limit_speed 100
adaptive_steering true
toe 0 0

digital:steer_speed 0.005
Thanks - with those settings I was able to take the first couple of corners at full speed!
I might need to fart around with the car setup again.

Wheels can be made stronger somewhere, I forget where, but there's a line that dictates the wheel suspension joints' 'strength'. Slinger did it for a test just to prove we can make the car fall apart.


#forces above threshold decreases health until suspension breaks:
suspension:threshold 1000000 #0 or inf to disable
suspension:buffer 10000

Changing threshold to 0 will disable the wheels falling off.
[Image: 54f5c31d9f2ce.gif]

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