Zanril kicks things off with a intro
    Finally I get to interact with this hidden treasure of a community. I was off to vacation (at Disney World) when I found that there's this tucked away group here playing Rollcage regularly and actually making their OWN Rollcage inspired game.

Let me start at the beginning here:
    The Atari was the first system I ever owned (and still have it) I played for hours on the weekends playing games like Asteroids, and Centipede.
Next was the Playstation 1 I had gotten around kindergarten, some notable games include Crash Bandicoot:WARPED, Hot Wheels:Turbo Racing, and Lucky Luke. 2nd grade was when I received the Playstation 2 for my birthday marking the golden age of my childhood and lasted until I discovered PC games and the realms of the internet on my aunts computer, because of this of this finding I was torn between the world of the console and computer, I even broke into my aunts house just to play a PC demo of a game I always beat; Treasure Planet:Battle at Procyon.

    Around the PS1 era of my gaming life I would have frequent sleepovers at my aunts house to ultimately play games with my cousin trav and jump on the computer to play Treasure Planet and Runescape (<<<I really hate this game now). Trav had a more interesting collection of PS1 games than me, one of those games just so happened to be Rollcage:Stage II. Along with Namco Museum I played it forever, even waking up restless at the wee hours of the night just to play.

Warping to the Present now:
    I love going back into the past and digging up memories - the further I go the more nostalgia weighs down upon me but I like it. I was with Trav one day helping my grandmother go grocery shopping because she needed a driver and an extra set of hands. We barely see each other anymore, in fact I don't really see anyone anymore ever since graduating from Highschool. After shopping and seeing my good olde cousin again after so many months I get this urge to look into the past.I turn to G00gle and find a PC version of Treasure Planet, a few games I like off the first Namco Museum, something about ReCaged on Wikipedia (and that it was a project to bring back rollcage but was ceased Huh ) ,and a remix of the Rollcage 2 soundtrack. I don't come back to that soundtrack again after a few months but when I did I wanted to Play Rollcage again.

     I've been listen to Heavy Metal (and many of its sub-genres) for most of my life so I really didn't have a interest in any other genre of music except maybe classical. Electronic music is totally unexplored territory for me but after listening to that Rollcage 2 remix I'm willing dip into Drum n' Bass but don't know where to start. Anyway I eventually find the original soundtrack but I want more, I want the game I was even willing to pirate the game just to get it, a simple google search saved me and I find a FREE download of the game in the form of a YouTube video. I just so happen to look down at the comments of that video - a link to a steam group that plays Rollcage regularly. I eventually find this forum in the process. Mindblown - Already lov'in it but now I must get some rest zzzZZZzzz.

Exclamation Notes:
Unanswered questions:
notable Playstation 2 Era games
notable early PC Era games

Info I'd like to release/talk about:
the name Zanril
Heavy Metal
mentioned games
Welcome, dear new member of the Rollcage community Smile

I'm not the starter of Recaged, but I'm the one who created the steam group for Rollcage. And the two are different projects. Let me give you some history.

Some years ago, Slinger started the Recaged project, which is to build a new Rollcage, by fans for fans. It's still going on, but because of time needed and ressources (Slinger and K.Mac being the two main and only coders), it can't go really fast. I only joined this forum 1 year ago, so I don't have the sufficient knowledge to tell you more about Recaged history ; I think Slinger is more an expert on that Tongue

Then there's the Rollcage steam group ; in the end of December of last year, i wanted to play Rollcage with some other guys, so I started creating a steam group for it. It grew and became more and more popular, and then codemonkey (aka Robert Baker, a former developer at ATD : the guy who was responsible for porting both Rollcage games from PS1 to PC) came in and started building new versions of the two games, that improve a lot performance and network stability (as well as compatibility with newer versions of DirectX, a whole new sound system, and the list is long).

And there's no need to have the original Rollcage to get them : just download the installer and install ! You can find Rollcage Redux (Rollcage 1) here and Rollcage Extreme (Rollcage Stage 2) here. And of course, feel free to join our weekly races Smile (thanks to Rob, it's a lot easier now to race on multiplayer ; it was really really buggy before).

But, back on Recaged, there are a lot of stuff here interesting to read ; and I'm sure one day Recaged will be born Smile
Rollcage steam group to plan multiplayer games, check it out ->
Hello and welcome! And sorry for not writing this sooner!

Interesting to hear your story. For me the nintendo 64 was the first (and only) console I got. I later moved to pc (never tried rollcage on an actual playstation!). So I'm pretty impressed by your history involving the atari.

As for recaged: it is very much alive! It's just developing slowly, and someone removed the page and entries about it on wikipedia. I didn't see anything mentioned about it being cancelled, but I found one edit comment claiming something ridiculous about it being cancelled by a "Big Problem"... I have no idea what that person is going on about but I'd guess it's written either with malicious intent or by someone who has just lost connection to reality...

Anyway, Potterman summed up the history of recaged pretty nicely. You can find some more details here. The steam group and this project are separate, but we do know each other and share the love for Rollcage. Big Grin

See you around!
Try systemd. They said.
It'll be just as reliable as init. They said.
It'll be completely bug-free. They said.
Our monolithic windows-approach is far superior to the Unix-approach. They said.
Okay, so the codebase has grown gigantic and no one but our paid group of full-time developers who created it can maintain it and fix bugs... but it'll be fine. They said.
Okay, we'll shove it down your throat whether you like it or not. They said.

I guess it's finally time to look into GuixSD and/or devuan.

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