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hello - orgyia - 2014-12-18

I thought I would register here to chat about rollcage, seems like a nice forum.
I like caterpillers, asm code, and err chicken. Heart

I used to play rcII on the psx often.

RE: hello - Slinger - 2014-12-18

Welcome! Smile

Personally I like ducks. Tongue

Oh, and you might find Potterman's steam group interesting:

RE: hello - potterman28wxcv - 2014-12-18

ducks have better taste than chicken if you ask me

And yeah, definitely you should join us if you feel like playing Rollcage again Smile If you want to play some Rollcage with us, rendez vous Saturday night !

RE: hello - Slinger - 2014-12-19

(2014-12-18, 10:37 PM)potterman28wxcv Wrote: ducks have better taste than chicken if you ask me

Yes, they don't just eat bread all the time:
[Image: blakeney-delicatessen.jpg]

RE: hello - orgyia - 2014-12-19

I think I setup the rc2 network connections correctly, I was trying to host a game on the servers posted on the steam group.
I dunno, I guess I will have to make steam account sometime.

What game do you play most the time, rc1 or rc2?

Ducks are cool.

RE: hello - potterman28wxcv - 2014-12-19

These are Mumble servers, not Rollcage servers or something, so that's something used to voice chat, not something used to play. So, the address provided is the IP of the Mumble server, not the one of Rollcage's game Smile

We use mostly Rollcage Redux (aka the new RC1), because Rollcage Extreme (aka the new RC2 ; Rollcage Extreme was supposed to be the name of Rollcage Stage 2 until Psygnosis decided to change) doesn't have his network fixed (it's very buggy and unjoinable). We do not use Rollcage 1 anymore ; we use Rollcage Redux, which stands for a version of Rollcage 1 compatible with modern systems and with a lot of graphical and network improvements.

If you aren't in steam, you can still join us but it will be harder since you will have no way of getting notified if instead of going on this Mumble server, we go on another server (especially currently, it's only the second time we use the Mumble server). But yeah, tomorrow (Saturday) at 09 pm GMT +1, you can try to open Mumble and join the Rollcage Mumble. There will be good chance that we'll be here ! And if we're not because we changed, I'll try to connect from time to time to communicate you the new IP.

Before using Mumble (so 2 weeks ago), it was :
1) Everyone go in the Rollcage steam group chat, and activate the voice chat ability of steam
2) Someone hosts and tell the IP address to everyone, and then we play

Last week, it was :
1) Everyone go in the Rollcage steam group
2) Everyone open Mumble and join the Rollcage Mumble server ; eventually we told people to do so for those who were unaware of the change
3) Someone hosts and tell the IP address to everyone

We may move later to be independant from steam, but that's how the group started, and steam really helped (I wouldn't have had the courage to build a new website just by myself !).

EDIT : i'll be very late tonight