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Hello - tonythedemon - 2014-10-27

Hello everyone! glad to see this project is still going. used to play the original Rollcage Stage 2 and saw this project a few years ago under a different name I think and only just now signed up for the forums(should of really done it sooner  Smile ). I have played the latest build 0.7.0 I don't know if this is very latest since it says that it was last update in 2011 but I really hope things are going well with this project and I am glad to be part of this forum  Big Grin

RE: Hello - Slinger - 2014-10-30

Welcome to the Rollcage of Tomorrow! Smile

I'm pretty swamped at the moment but wanted to take the time to welcome you! This forum is open and friendly, so don't be afraid to post questions and ideas!

0.7.0 is the current release (good job finding it despite the terribly unfinished website), but there has been quite a bit of progress made since then (you can somewhat follow the progress on the git repo). Now for some good and some bad news:

The bad news: development speed is often very slow. I'm more or less the single person behind development and the website, and I'm doing it on my spare time (when not studying). If you can live with this, then I give you:

The good news: The project is Still Alive. And I got no plans on abandoning it any time soon. There are lots of big things about to come: finishing the website, a development wiki, a tool for extracting content from the original games, and an alpha release of the next version (0.8.0). Further into the future there is initial texture support, lua scripting and (possibly) an android version. There are also several very high quality 3D models and tracks made by CodieMorgan which I hope to add asap in a future release - he did them a terribly long time ago and I can't believe I haven't gotten around to include them yet! Angel

If you want, feel free to get involved - if you are interested in helping out. Otherwise just stick around and have a good time... "Life is better at 350+ kph..." True, very true. Laugh

RE: Hello - tonythedemon - 2014-10-30

Thanks for welcoming me and I am glad that you have no intention of stopping the project any time soon.
At the moment it's probably worth mentioning that I am currently trying to learn OpenGL and C++. I am also at University doing studying so I don't much time off so for the time being I'll probably just stick around and have a good time with the community. Big Grin

RE: Hello - potterman28wxcv - 2014-10-30

If you have questions about C/C++ do not hesitate to ask. It's tricky to learn at the beginning.

RE: Hello - Slinger - 2014-12-17

Potterman, be careful with what you promise. I might just hold you to it. Tongue

Anyway C++ is a big and tricky language. I don't think an autodidact like me could ever quite get used to it like good old C.

(you have no idea how long it took me to figure out the expression was "hold you to it")

RE: Hello - potterman28wxcv - 2014-12-18

I posted my message because some of us are used to C++ Tongue But yeah I'm definitely better with C (I've never really studied hard C++)

So for my part.. If you have any questions about C, do not hesitate Smile