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dx486 says hello - dx486 - 2014-06-09

Hello! Smile

I love Rollcage. I will follow this project.

If you arrange an online Rollcage game please do not forget to invite me as well!

See you around!

RE: dx486 says hello - Slinger - 2014-06-09

Hello and welcome! It's always nice to meet a new rollcage fan!

This project is a bit (very) slow, but a new version is being worked on. Smile

There is a rollcage online match every saturday, have a look here:

RE: dx486 says hello - potterman28wxcv - 2014-06-09

Welcome there !

I'm potterman28wxcv, the guy who created the Rollcage steam group. As Slinger said, we have games every Saturday on Tunngle, and it's always a pleasure to have someone new coming in ! (you need Tunngle installed, Steam to chat with us, a micro if you have, and of course a working version of both Rollcage (we play mostly the first). If you don't have Rollcage, just PM me !)

RE: dx486 says hello - Slinger - 2014-06-13

"micro?" Ah, microphone!

And yes, tunngle. Although it's also possible to host games directly over the net (the person hosting the race needs to open two ports).