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Help about git - potterman28wxcv - 2014-03-28

When I'll have less work to do at school, I'll start looking at the source code of Recaged. I know how to copy a git repository to my laptop, as well as some basics like looking history, git add, git commit -a, git push, git pull, but I have no experience at all at doing it with a huge project like yours.
So I'd like to know.. Are you using any branchs or that kind of things ? (I know it exists)

EDIT : Ok you aren't using any. It seems that Mats Wahlberg did all the work. Are you guys able to see you outside Internet I guess ? It's a strange thing there is only one contributor. Anyway, the general question is : How are you exactly working ? :p

Anyway, it's not urgent, I have to update my knowledge on C++ (on classes and heritance etc.. I've done a bit of C++, but I've done a lot more in C language)

By the way : the website adress isn't updated in the Readme Smile

RE: Help about git - Slinger - 2014-03-30

Mats, yes that's me. Smile

There are a lot of branches. You might not see them because they are not local (you cloned the repo). There should be some way of listing and pulling the remote branches from the gui, but I'm afraid I can't be of much help here. But if you are using the command line: "git branch -a" will show you all branches.

How I'm working: the Master branch is rolling-release. I commit smaller changes here directly (things I know will not break things). And then I use branches for larger changes. For instance "minor/autoconf_and_nsis" is for the next _minor_ update (0.7.1), but "major/lua" is earliest for the next _major_ (0.8.0).

I'd suggest you name your branches after yourself: "potterman/myfirsthack", "potterman/somthing", that way we won't get too confused. Also, you don't have access for pushing to the repository, so "git pull" will not be working. Wink

And yes, the readme needs lots of updating. Have a look at the commit history ("git history") and you will see just how long it was since the last commit. The autoconf branch got the latest commit, but I'm going to push a commit to the lua branch very soon and start adding new features to Master.

RE: Help about git - potterman28wxcv - 2014-03-30

Thanks for the answer, I'll give it a glance !

And I'm only using command line. My favourite text editor is vim Wink

RE: Help about git - Slinger - 2014-04-03

Ah, after so long I just assumed everyone are using windows. Nice to see I'm wrong! Do you dual-boot for rollcage or use wine?

Also, here we use emacs! Prepare to get your account banned... Just joking. I'm using vim as well! Smile

Regarding the code: Just have fun and modify whatever you want! Let me know if there's something you're wondering about. The code IS mostly C, and not very advanced. But it can get a bit weird at some places. Wink

RE: Help about git - potterman28wxcv - 2014-04-05

Well, basically I don't think I'll be very helpful for car controls etc.. I mean, changing these kind of things mean in most cases changing the whole program. But I can make tools to help you develop the game, for example a developer console, or sth like that, where you could change the values of speed/forces/etc. while you're in the game (by pressing a hotkey). I think I'd be able to do that.

If you are using only constants (#define forever), I can also make a structure or organize the game datas.

I didn't have a look at the source yet, I have a lot of things to do at school, and tbh I think I will be able to start it seriously on the holidays, in the end of June.

RE: Help about git - Slinger - 2014-04-06

You really don't have to feel any pressure to accomplish anything here. There's no deadlines or important things that needs to be implemented. Quite frankly I think the best things you could do I just mess with the code and have fun. Wink You might realize there's something fun you really want to try out, and if it turns out to work well it could be pulled into the official code.

If you want to create a dev console, go ahead! But if you feel forced to create it just to create it, then just relax! I'd rather have people having fun and experimenting with weird new ideas instead of taking the work too serious and burning out. Actually, there are lots of features I'm planing to implement - which I hope to do alone (because I got my own ideas on exactly how they will work). Things like real texture support and lua scripting got a lot of planning...

But if you want to create a console, please do so! Let me know if you start working on it and need any advice. As for the values: originally most values were #defines and hard-coded, but it's all defined in conf files now (so it's all loaded to variables in structs). And most of them can be changed at runtime dynamically, as you suggested. The closest thing for a text interface is in the code for the "hud hack", but it's not much to go from (you get a printf-like function which also takes a x and y coordinate for where on the screen to write the text). Of course better gui is planned: a combination of lua scripting, textures and freetype fonts at some point (far away) in the future.

RE: Help about git - potterman28wxcv - 2014-04-06

I'll look at it in a near future Smile At school we learn language theory and how to implement languages, so that shouldn't be too hard

RE: Help about git - potterman28wxcv - 2014-04-06

And about the project itself, I know by experience that if I don't have something specific to do, I'm just not productive at all. I know we are doing it with our free time, and that waiting 1 or 2 more years isn't catastrophic considering it's likely that they will never release another Rollcage, but I'm so exited to the idea that a new Rollcage would be born that I will do everything possible for this.

The Rollcage steam group is a way to play the old Rollcage 1 and Rollcage Stage 2, but I also hope that it will bring us (in a more or less near future) some developers or graphists or whoever would be useful.

I know an example of game that was kinda abandonned, and has been updated by some fan team. It's Descent:Freespace, maybe you've played it. There has been the first and the second, and then nothing. So the SCP (Source Code Project) team has taken it, and since then it is a very large community (you can have a glance at the, and the forums are very active.

My professional projects apart, it's one of my dream to make it happen with Rollcage : gather the community again to make things together and reborn this game from the grave.

RE: Help about git - Slinger - 2014-04-28

I have seen something similar as well: URU Live. The developers released it all as open source and the community took over and started improving. It's still very alive and got a fairly big user base. Smile

So back on topic: If I had one specific thing needing done, I'd tell you. But most stuff right now is just tiny little grinding things: Finish up the autoconf branch, the website, improve handling, etc... Lets just throw different ideas around and see what sticks?

Are you by any chance interested in trying to figure out the file formats in the original games? I mean, being able to extract the original 3D models could be great inspiration for new cars. Also the imghack/idxtool can now extract and repack idex&img files for the games, so it's "easier" to try changing data in files and see what happens in the original games. And some aspects of the 3D files seems already documented (but keep in mind this wiki page is unreliable).

RE: Help about git - potterman28wxcv - 2014-05-20

Hmm.. Yeah it may be interesting to try to have a look

RE: Help about git - Slinger - 2014-05-22

I'm working on a silly bmp replaced version (when I get around to finish it I'll upload a video on youtube called something like "trollcage" Wink ), but I'm also tempted to try to swap some models between rc1 and rc2 and see it actually works. If it doesn't just crash, then it should result in some changed building, tree or rubble... which would be pretty cool. Wink

RE: Help about git - potterman28wxcv - 2014-05-22

Good luck about it ! Do you have an idea of how textures/3D models are stored ?

RE: Help about git - Slinger - 2014-06-08


The textures are stored in some custom format (similar to the valve texture format: just a raw video texture dump, with some metadata), but Spontificus managed to figure out how to convert them to bmps. I don't have the code he used for it, but look at the "So I finally found where they where hiding those codes... " thread for more info. Also xentax.

But there are a few clean bmps in there as well: Loading screens, driver animations (as individual frames), and the bump mapping textures for stage 2. Oh and also the screen effects (wormholes, ice, and so on).

RE: Help about git - Slinger - 2015-05-10

Somehow I stumbled on this thread and noticed I mentioned that old modification... I did finish it, but I'm not sure anyone noticed, also bayfiles -where I uploaded it- went down. I just thought I'd make it available again:


It's more or less the same old one from last summer: I'd deleted it, but still had the "source" files, so I made some tweaks (Lenny is now completely replaced). Again, this is from last summer, so it's nothing special - just some image and text replace.  Oh, and don't use it on the later versions of redux, since they got many images replaced with external files.

Oh, and in retrospect: Maybe it was a good thing no one noticed it... Blush