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  Terms of Service; Didn't Read
Posted by: Slinger - 2012-12-22, 11:09 AM - Forum: The Pits - No Replies

Just thought of posting this here. It's one of those things that once you learn about it it completely changes your view of things (just like version management and... I forget).

Anyways: http://tos-dr.info/

It sums up different common agreements under easy to read (and short) lists with positive, negative and not-so-good points. Not a lot of services yet, but it has a good start (google, steam, etc, etc).

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  We're doomed!
Posted by: Slinger - 2012-12-20, 09:28 PM - Forum: The Pits - Replies (2)

Y'know, since we're doomed...


hehe...Big Grin

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  Hello World
Posted by: Sun - 2012-10-07, 09:38 AM - Forum: The Pits - Replies (2)

Hi folks!
After I have exchanged some emails with Mats I want to say hello to you as a new 3D modeller on board Wink

I've played the old rollcage games and love them. So I finally found this project via googling for Rollcage 3 (I guess this is the usual procedure how people find recaged Wink ). As previously mentioned I will take part in the Project by doing some 3D and texturing work using Blender.
I am looking forward to get ReCaged up together!


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  Fixed user registering XENophobia...
Posted by: Slinger - 2012-10-03, 03:29 PM - Forum: The Pits - Replies (22)

First of all, by xenophobia I mean the way new accounts had to wait for admin activation.

I did this after a person told me that registrations had become disabled altogether, but now it should all be automated (enter CAPTCHA and follow verification link in email). Lets hope the spambots stay away.

I also upped the avatard resolution to 200x200 (50kB limit), (and resize is now an option, not forced). just let me know if more is needed... Also, that signature limit has bugged me, up from 255 to 511!

Now I'll just have to remember to update the forum (minor update behind)... Also, need to start preparing for domain transfers...Heart

update: aww, avatars are resized in posts... X_X
update2: increased post resolution to 150x150, decreased avatard res to 200x200 (many options just waiting to be found here)...

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  EU software patents...
Posted by: Slinger - 2012-09-05, 02:52 PM - Forum: The Pits - No Replies

There, with that boring title I'm sure no one will ever read this thread.

Basically I'm being a hypocrite and asking everyone reading this to get active in preventing the US disaster (patents on software) from reaching the EU... Big Grin

Software patents in Europe: game on

edit: oh, my 100th post! Big Grin

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Wink Die in Pain, SCO/TSG!
Posted by: Slinger - 2012-08-31, 11:47 AM - Forum: The Pits - Replies (1)

So, now that we can safely say that SCO ("Smoking Crack Organization"), recently renamed to TSG ("They are Still Going"), is dead lets all remember how little they will be missed:


A thing to keep in mind while reading: There's a slight error in the story - the assumption that the shareholders somehow caused the whole SCO-going-batfuck-and-suing-world-and-gnu/penguin. SCO was in fact bought by a company known as Caldera with the plan to use it as a sledgehammer all along.

These comments sums it up quite nicely:
* http://yro.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=...d=41057241
* http://yro.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=...d=41056765

Bottom line:

I couldn't be more glad to see the back of them, good riddance I say.

To bad the real villains wont get punished, who have already gotten new high level jobs. Dodgy

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  RIP Studio Liverpool
Posted by: Slinger - 2012-08-31, 11:33 AM - Forum: The Pits - Replies (1)

Probably old news...

What was left of Psygnosis, Studio Liverpool, will be closed by Bony. I mean, Sony.


Apparently they were working on a new wipeout game for the ps4. Oh well, at least it wasn't a new rollcage game, then I'd be really pissed. Wink

Anyway... To those who worked at Psygnosis and Studio Liverpool: We Salute You! Heart

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  Rumour: Next PlayStation to be a PC-Based Architecture
Posted by: Spont - 2012-03-31, 03:36 AM - Forum: The Pits - Replies (1)

Why does the world need TWO PC-Based Closed/User-Unfriendly Consoles?

I'll be disappointed if this is true.

Because what, then, is Sony bringing to the table? Not their existing game catalogue - it won't play older PlayStation games. Access to the Sony Entertainment Network? More "Platform Exclusive" games than we currently have, as they bid against Microsoft? A new Controller?

None of that is compelling. It just sounds like it'll be an expensive XBox clone that won't even run XBox games.

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  League For Gamers
Posted by: Spont - 2012-03-28, 01:33 PM - Forum: The Pits - No Replies

It's a new organisation which seeks to spread awareness of issues affecting Gamers - mostly over-reaching legislation proposed by the uninformed - and actually does the hard part of actually writing to policy makers.

Bonus - if you join now, your membership be "grandfathered" - you won't need to pay any membership fees.

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  We're on the Free Software DIrectory!
Posted by: Slinger - 2012-03-20, 02:11 PM - Forum: The Pits - Replies (4)

I just noticed I've gotten a reply to my request to add ReCaged to the FSF Directory:

Quote:We've added a basic entry: http://directory.fsf.org/wiki/ReCaged --
please click the 'Report a bug' button if you'd like to add more
details, latest versions, etc.


Not much there atm, but it's a start... Might wait for 0.7.1 until submitting a "bug report" to add more info (in case it takes long for them to process, might be best to only send the latest version number/download link)

At some point (0.8.0 or later, when lua is 100% in), I'm thinking of changing the description from "Racing Simulator" into something about it being a flexible game engine/collection of games or something...

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