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Posted by: Slinger - 2014-12-21, 10:13 AM - Forum: The Pits - No Replies

Just had to post this! Seeing so many people funding proprietary projects on sites like kickstarter has always confused me; if people help fund the development of software and art, shouldn't it be free (libre) and open for everyone? Surely crowdfunding sites should be about helping projects that doesn't lock the work down and exploit it. Turns out I wasn't alone in thinking this... Enter Snowdrift.coop! Not only is it about helping free/libre/open projects, but it also got a novel take on how to solve the problem with those pressured, time-based funding thresholds.

I believe we're looking at the beginning of the future of both computing and human culture...

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Posted by: orgyia - 2014-12-18, 12:09 PM - Forum: The Pits - Replies (5)

I thought I would register here to chat about rollcage, seems like a nice forum.
I like caterpillers, asm code, and err chicken. Heart

I used to play rcII on the psx often.

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Smile Zanril kicks things off with a intro
Posted by: Zanril - 2014-11-23, 03:52 AM - Forum: The Pits - Replies (2)

    Finally I get to interact with this hidden treasure of a community. I was off to vacation (at Disney World) when I found that there's this tucked away group here playing Rollcage regularly and actually making their OWN Rollcage inspired game.

Let me start at the beginning here:
    The Atari was the first system I ever owned (and still have it) I played for hours on the weekends playing games like Asteroids, and Centipede.
Next was the Playstation 1 I had gotten around kindergarten, some notable games include Crash Bandicoot:WARPED, Hot Wheels:Turbo Racing, and Lucky Luke. 2nd grade was when I received the Playstation 2 for my birthday marking the golden age of my childhood and lasted until I discovered PC games and the realms of the internet on my aunts computer, because of this of this finding I was torn between the world of the console and computer, I even broke into my aunts house just to play a PC demo of a game I always beat; Treasure Planet:Battle at Procyon.

    Around the PS1 era of my gaming life I would have frequent sleepovers at my aunts house to ultimately play games with my cousin trav and jump on the computer to play Treasure Planet and Runescape (<<<I really hate this game now). Trav had a more interesting collection of PS1 games than me, one of those games just so happened to be Rollcage:Stage II. Along with Namco Museum I played it forever, even waking up restless at the wee hours of the night just to play.

Warping to the Present now:
    I love going back into the past and digging up memories - the further I go the more nostalgia weighs down upon me but I like it. I was with Trav one day helping my grandmother go grocery shopping because she needed a driver and an extra set of hands. We barely see each other anymore, in fact I don't really see anyone anymore ever since graduating from Highschool. After shopping and seeing my good olde cousin again after so many months I get this urge to look into the past.I turn to G00gle and find a PC version of Treasure Planet, a few games I like off the first Namco Museum, something about ReCaged on Wikipedia (and that it was a project to bring back rollcage but was ceased Huh ) ,and a remix of the Rollcage 2 soundtrack. I don't come back to that soundtrack again after a few months but when I did I wanted to Play Rollcage again.

     I've been listen to Heavy Metal (and many of its sub-genres) for most of my life so I really didn't have a interest in any other genre of music except maybe classical. Electronic music is totally unexplored territory for me but after listening to that Rollcage 2 remix I'm willing dip into Drum n' Bass but don't know where to start. Anyway I eventually find the original soundtrack but I want more, I want the game I was even willing to pirate the game just to get it, a simple google search saved me and I find a FREE download of the game in the form of a YouTube video. I just so happen to look down at the comments of that video - a link to a steam group that plays Rollcage regularly. I eventually find this forum in the process. Mindblown - Already lov'in it but now I must get some rest zzzZZZzzz.

Exclamation Notes:
Unanswered questions:
notable Playstation 2 Era games
notable early PC Era games

Info I'd like to release/talk about:
the name Zanril
Heavy Metal
mentioned games

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  OpenGL Forward Renderer
Posted by: tonythedemon - 2014-11-20, 12:26 AM - Forum: The Pits - Replies (10)


This just shows you what I have done so far in my basic C++ OpenGL forward renderer. At the moment everything is really basic but I am hoping to expand on this just to  help me understand more about shaders and C++ in general. I started to follow these these tutorials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkiKgQRiMRU until I got to the last one and just carried it on.
I am using SDL2, GLM and Glew to do  do all of this at the moment in Visual Studio 2013.
What do you think?    Smile

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Wink Hello
Posted by: tonythedemon - 2014-10-27, 02:53 AM - Forum: The Pits - Replies (5)

Hello everyone! glad to see this project is still going. used to play the original Rollcage Stage 2 and saw this project a few years ago under a different name I think and only just now signed up for the forums(should of really done it sooner  Smile ). I have played the latest build 0.7.0 I don't know if this is very latest since it says that it was last update in 2011 but I really hope things are going well with this project and I am glad to be part of this forum  Big Grin

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  A wild new user appears.
Posted by: Unreal.2K7 - 2014-09-08, 08:38 AM - Forum: The Pits - Replies (11)

Hey everyone! I'm unreal_2k7 from the steam group. I can't believe i didn't come here before, shame on me! Confused

See you on the tracks!

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Tongue Finally got a stage !
Posted by: potterman28wxcv - 2014-06-10, 09:22 PM - Forum: The Pits - Replies (3)

It's here : http://translate.google.com/translate?hl...zZqRK2ImRQ
(it's directly google translated in english ; sorry for the bad language !)

I just received the email confirming me that I was accepted as a stager, I'm so happy to finally do my first steps in the world of research ! Smile

That will be an awesome experience.. Aaaah can't wait the beginning of it !

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  dx486 says hello
Posted by: dx486 - 2014-06-09, 08:24 AM - Forum: The Pits - Replies (3)

Hello! Smile

I love Rollcage. I will follow this project.

If you arrange an online Rollcage game please do not forget to invite me as well!

See you around!

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  Help about git
Posted by: potterman28wxcv - 2014-03-28, 12:24 PM - Forum: The Pits - Replies (13)

When I'll have less work to do at school, I'll start looking at the source code of Recaged. I know how to copy a git repository to my laptop, as well as some basics like looking history, git add, git commit -a, git push, git pull, but I have no experience at all at doing it with a huge project like yours.
So I'd like to know.. Are you using any branchs or that kind of things ? (I know it exists)

EDIT : Ok you aren't using any. It seems that Mats Wahlberg did all the work. Are you guys able to see you outside Internet I guess ? It's a strange thing there is only one contributor. Anyway, the general question is : How are you exactly working ? :p

Anyway, it's not urgent, I have to update my knowledge on C++ (on classes and heritance etc.. I've done a bit of C++, but I've done a lot more in C language)

By the way : the website adress isn't updated in the Readme Smile

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  BSD, GNU/Linux help thread!
Posted by: Slinger - 2014-03-23, 01:30 PM - Forum: The Pits - No Replies

Just thought I'd create a thread for anyone looking for help with what's often referred to as "linux." Although "GNU/Linux" would probably be a more suitable name.

To clarify: I'm not talking about android or routers, but the real Unix-inspired operative systems used on desktops and servers. Not just GNU/Linux, but also BSD and other GNU variants (like GNU/kFreeBSD)

Thinking of trying out debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, FreeBSD or any of the countless others? Got some question? Just post!

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